Make Eat Easy – Part I


YOU GUYS – there is a seriously cool new company that you need to try out. It’s called Make Eat Easy and it does just that! This great SF based company allows you to pick and choose delicious, and fancy looking/tasting/sounding meals (all of the above) to try at home – but the best part is that they do all the work for you!


First, you go to their website and select the kind of meal you want, and for how many people. They have appetizers, brunch items, dinner items and dessert items. Then you order your ingredients and pick a day for the package to get delivered. You can also add in tools you might need to make the meal, like a  mortar and pestle or a pastry brush (really handy gadgets that I never think to buy, but always need).




Now, prepare yourself for my gushing because this is basically the coolest thing ever. The folks at Make Eat Easy took a good idea and made it great. I picked out what I wanted, they delivered everything to my door and all I had to do was stir the ingredients together and cook it a little bit. It’s simple and convenient, fresh, fast and (wait for it) actually really tastey.





The tastey part I wasn’t expecting. I thought it would be easy and fast, but not as delicious as it turned out to be.  I ordered an appetizer and a dessert to make. The appetizer will get it’s own post next week because it took 10 minutes to make and it looks like something Martha Stewart made. But for now, let’s talk dessert and let’s talk pizza.




I chose to make the berry pizza, mainly because I had never made one and I was intrigued.  It kind of felt like I was eating dessert for dinner! And when they say they make eating easy, they mean it. The ingredients come in clearly labeled, pre-measured containers – all you need to do is add them together in the right order and stir (fo reals, that easy).




You can get the recipe for the berry pizza here (along with all of their free recipes) and let me tell you – berries + cream cheese + pita bread = mind blown. Such simple ingredients and so little time should not have made something this delicious, but it did! If you live in the Bay Area and want to try something new for dinner or make dinner for friends try MakeEatEasy, and cook smart – you will not be disappointed!