Friday’s Favs

Heading to LA today and I’m really excited! We have some girl jams (Mariah obviously), some show tunes and our 90s favs lined up for the drive down! Tomorrow we are going to do a little exploring – neither of us have spent much time in LA – maybe the Santa Monica Beach or Hollywood? Who knows where the wind will take us – sometimes its fun not to have anything planned! If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! Hope your weekend takes you to unexpected places!

FF4{love this owl cookie jar from Anthro}


{favorite flowers from my boo}


{amazing dim sum brunch, you have to try Mama Ji’s}


{swanky new bar cart – ordered fun pink glasses to go on top!}


{awesome San Francisco toothpick structure from the Exploratorim, took 37 years to make!}

Friday’s Favs

I feel like summer is going by too fast. It always used to feel like that when I was in school but now that I have to work everyday and I don’t get a summer vacation I thought that feeling would go away. Time don’t slow down for NOBODY – even when it isn’t summer it flies by, yesterday was January 1st right?


{beautiful scenery on our drive to High Sierra Music Festival}


{romantic lights at the a wedding reception in a mountain top backyard}


{sneak peek of our new dresser}


{seafood is a summer food right – how about when it’s deep fried?}

{summertime open air street car downtown, so cute with the lights on top}

Have a great weekend friends – enjoy summer while it’s still here!

Summer Bucket List

After the summer solstice and noticing it’s almost July (wait, where did June go) I realized there are a lot of things I would like to do this summer. So in the spirit of the first official day of summer, and the longest day of the year – I thought would make a summer bucket list of things I hope to get out and do in these warm summer months.


1.) Go to the beach more (we went to Baker Beach for the summer solstice and it was beautiful)

2.) Make summer summer dishes with fresh produce for dinners at the farmer’s market and dine al fresco

3.) Enjoy some summer sangria

4.) Host a Hawaiian shirt themed party (possibly housewarming – I love this one)

5.) Swim in a lake – going on a girlie weekend in July to my friend’s cabin and renting a pontoon boat on Pinecrest Lake

6.) Buy tickets for Summer at the Symphony – we went last year and saw the Wizard of Oz while the symphony played the along, it was so cool!

7.) Travel – many weekend trips and a big vacation are in the works for the summer!


Friday’s Favs

Happy longest day of the year! Are you going out to take advantage of it? I think my boo and I are going to try a picnic and watch the sunset. It’s been so busy around here that I didn’t notice it was Friday. Surprise the week is over and its SUMMER! The week sped by and was filled with dinners out, musicals, outside meals and tastey treats! I hope you all have a lovely first weekend of summer!


One of my favorite summer drinks – sangria.


My first arm party, I think it turned out pretty well!


I’m a band geek at heart, playing saxophone for 10 years will do that to you. That being said I’m addicted to musicals (see here), I love them all. So anytime there is a chance for me to see one I jump on it. We got tickets to Into the Woods (one of my favorites) and the performance was really great.


It’s been so nice out this week that I ate lunch outside – on a roof!


My parent just got back from Hawaii (super jelly, I know) and they sent me chocolate covered macadamia nuts – this box was gone in 10 minutes.



Dine about town is back (remember this beauty) and this time we ventured over to Dosa, a southern Indian restaurant on Fillmore. There were three courses on the DaT menu each with three options to choose from. So we got down to business and decided to share everything to maximize our tasting potential.


To start, they gave us these lentil chips (their equivalent to bread) and they had so much flavor! The most flavorful plain chip I have ever had, rich and salty and cumin-y, yes cumin-y.


For the appetizer course we chose the grilled calamari that came with a great cilantro, chile, lime sauce, and the Chennai chicken – think gourmet fried chicken, with a yogurt sauce.


I wanted to put the yogurt sauce on everything, I could literally drink the stuff. The squid was perfectly cooked, not chewy, but you guys know me, the fried chicken was my favorite.


For the second course we both chose a dosa. I didn’t know what a dosa was so if you don’t know – a dosa is a large pancake-like Indian dish made from a rice and lentil batter. I called it a galette (it’s the frenchness in me), and it’s filled with all sorts of things.


We chose one with paneer cheese and peas and another with potatoes and peppers.


Both were delicious but the real stars were the dipping sauces. The green one was coconut (my fav) the red one was tomato (my boo’s fav) and the big one was like a curried soup, spicy and thick.


By this time we were full, but still had one course to go, so we powered through and got the prawn masala curry and the vegetable curry.


The prawn curry was sweet and really thick and delicious, with a good number of plump shrimp. The veggie curry was very traditional tasting that went perfectly with the rice and yogurt sauce for me – this one was a little hot!


We were so full when we were done, we were ready to burst but so happy.


Strawberry Lemon Bars


Summer isn’t necessarily warm here in SF, its know to be foggy and cold until our actual summer comes in October. So while the rest of the country (and state) is feeling warm and summer-like I decided to make my own taste of summer with these Strawberry Lemon Bars. I’m a huge fan of strawberry lemonade and that combo in general (see here) so I thought this would be a great start to summer treat.




These are definitely sweet and sour. I juiced about 4 lemons and used the zest of three. That pop of sunshiney taste is what I was looking for!



The recipe is very simple, and this is such an easy summer snack with just a couple of ingredients.



It kind of looks like a strawberry deep dish pizza.


I love this combination of flavors because at first its sweet, then its a shock of sour and it really excites the taste buds! It’s also a great dessert for summer BBQs and picnics.


Love n’ Haight

June in San Francisco means the start of street festival season. This is one of my favorite times in the city, each neighborhood hosts a street festival highlighting their personalities (yes the neighborhoods have personalities, am I going crazy, probably). Union street festival kicked off the season the first weekend of June, next weekend is the North Beach festival and this past weekend was our very own Haight Street festival. Needless to say, the Haight Street festival’s personality is a little weirder than the rest. All the festivals include live music, crazy costumes, lots of vendors selling trinkets you don’t need but want to buy anyway, and always really delicious street food.


After eating the really delicious street food (we got chicken teriyaki on a stick, with pad thai noodles and a giant lemonade) and in honor of eating healthy in the summer –  I feel the need to make and eat this beautiful salad – and I want to share it with this guy from the fair (crazy costumes indeed), we would just match so well. Happy Hump Day friends!

Friday’s Favs

Karl the Fog has rolled into SF, and the June gloom has set in. What is different this year, or what I always forget, is that he comes in the morning,  blanketing the city but then by 1 pm he is gone and has left a beautiful sunny day. This week was full of sunny surprises, sunshine everyday, beautiful sunsets and bright summer flowers!


Funnel cake is my weakness, it’s not a successful day at an amusement park without it.


Pretty peonies, I saw the color and bought two bouquets they were so gorgeous!


A co-worker visiting from Japan brought these for my team – so cute!


I totes need this (get it?)

Pretty sunset from this week, hope you have a colorful weekend!

Foreign Cinema

I love chicken – especially when it’s fried and in finger form. I was notorious for ordering chicken fingers every single time we went out to eat when I was little – even on vacation, which meant multiple chicken finger meals a day. I still love it (as you can see here and here) and I love trying it at different places to see their take on it. If you are a fried chicken fan and you have not been to Foreign Cinema – stop what you are doing, go down to the Mission and order it – STAT!


I had a friend visiting this past week and I had heard a lot of good things about Foreign Cinema so we decided to try it out. For appetizers we got a cheese, a meat and a fish. The cheese was baked goat cheese with lavender and cardamom strawberry relish. It was such a burst of different flavors in your mouth, it was very satisfying. The warm cheese spread over the toasty bread had such an earthy salty taste to it.


The beef carpaccio was delicious! It was presented in such a unique way too, they spread the meat out paper thin on the plate and you scraped it off with the BBQ flavored chips they served with it.


My favorite of the appetizers (I think I’m addicted to raw fish) was the sea bass ceviche. It was served on these little tostadas with avocado and crema and it was like a bite of heaven. It was juicy and creamy and salty and citrusy – heaven I say.

For dinner (yes there is more) we split the risotto – not the most photogenic of foods – and the fried chicken, you may have heard me reference it before.


The risotto was good, I’m partial to my dad’s version but it was pretty tastey.


Nothing compares to the chicken though. I would venture to say it is the best fried chicken (by it self) that I have ever had, and trust me, I have had a lot of fried chicken. It came plated with a little hummus with spiced baby carrots and honey and sesame seeds. What made this chicken different from all the rest is the subtle sweet curry flavor from the batter. It was not dry, it had amazing flavor and the crunchy outside was perfect.

Ok enough drooling for now – you can’t celebrate seeing an old friend without dessert so we got these two gems – an apricot blackberry turnover with caramel and pistachio dusting on top (mini hand pies with great buttery dough)


– and the chocolate pot de crème with caramel popcorn. Don’t know about you but I have never had a bad pot de creme. It’s just too good of a combination of things to turn out bad.


This place is definitely a special occasion spot but it is absolutely worth it! PS. Get the fried chicken…

Macaroon Making Class


Two things you should know about me –  1.) I’m addicted to sweet things, 2.) I love to bake – they go hand in hand. I like to cook too, but baking is really where it’s at. I like to consider myself as a pretty adventurous and advanced baker but when it came to macaroons I was a little afraid to try it. All of the recipes have such specific temperature and timing rules, and add in  the fact that I don’t have a convection oven (which apparently is where most people go wrong) I just stayed away from them all together.


So while looking for patisserie school classes (always in the back of my mind) I found this great workshop. Baking Arts is a single class workshop that teaches you how to bake various things. You can choose from so many classes like cake decorating, or pie making or fondant rolling – I chose macaroons, to get over my fear.



The class was amazing! Richard, the instructor, took us through all the meticulous steps before we went to do it on our own. The process is very temperature and time sensitive so it requires a lot of attention to detail.






The class size is small, there were only six of us so he could walk around and help us with each step and with recognizing when the folding was done or when the temperature and texture were just right.






You could fill these things with anything and make so many different colors and flavors. In Paris they literally have every shade of every color in every size and crazy flavor. We filled ours with chocolate, or caramel or coconut or a combination of the three.





I forgot to mention that they were DELICIOUS too! If you are looking for a fun baking class try one of these, it was so great, I want to go back again! Cheers to a sweet weekend!