Presidio Social Club

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If I could live off of mac and cheese and dumplings I would be one happy camper. Seeing as those two foods contain no nutritional value I limit myself to just having them every once in a while. And I get extra excited when, every once in a while, a really tasty version appears. Nate and I went to the Presidio Social Club this weekend and not only was the burger amazing (pickled onions, an egg and avocado – yes please) but the mac and cheese was killer.

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We started with some fancy cocktails, Nate with the Manhattan and I with a little Bee’s Knees. Once we were good and liquored up we opted for the deviled eggs as a starter.

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Having heard great things about the burger we both ordered one (egg, cheese, heirloom tomatoes and avocado included) and also shared the mac and cheese (overkill, I think not). The burgers were really great. Thick patties, cooked perfectly with a nice soft bun and really great accoutrements. They came with crispy fries and a rich aioli that went great with everything.

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The star of the show was definitely the mac. It was creamy and peppery and had so much cheese flavor that everything just melted together in each gooey, salty bite. Perfection in your mouth and if we hadn’t eaten eggs and burgers and fries already, we both could have finished a bowl of the mac.

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We stopped halfway through though, (taking it home for a late night snack) and decided to go for it with the salted caramel ice cream sandwich. This salty sweet ice cream (real salt inside adding that little crunch) sat between two chocolate cookies and homemade marshmallows. So sweet and chocolatey, it was the perfect complement to the meal.

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