Textured Pattern

Mixing patterns has been a big challenge for me. When I was little I was that kid that never let any of her food touch, and really hated when a patterned pillow sat on our different patterned couch. Now I see the beauty in how the colors and textures of different patterns work together (remember my pillow problem). My first forray into pattern mixing was with pillows and then striped shirts with scarves and now I am trying to branch out into full outfits and it’s proving to be a struggle. This is about as pattern-mixy as I get at the moment (an all white textured sweater with tile patterned pants). What are you favorite pattern mixing techniques?

pjpants2 pjpants4 pjpants1 pjpants6 pjpants3.5 pjpants5

Top: Forever21 // Bottoms: Zara // Tank & Jewelry: J.Crew // Shoes & Clutch: Ambiance

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