Tres Leches


My friend is moving to Amsterdam, I know, it’s terribly far away, I think so too. And he is going for at least six months (probably more) so to ‘whatever the opposite of celebrate’ is, we had that type of dinner party for him last night. He requested Mexican food  – because apparently Amsterdam doesn’t do that food genre very well (I wouldn’t last a second) – and everyone brought their favorite taco topping.


Me having the sweet tooth that I do, and my love of themes led me to these adorable (and seriously delicious) tres leches cupcakes. You know me and my bite sized obsession, so instead of a cake, or regular sized cupcakes I made mini ones.

tres_leches3  tres_leches4

Tres Leches literally means three milks and there are literally (not figuratively) three different milks needed for this recipe. You mix them together to create the glaze that soaks into the cake and then top it off with more milk in the form of whipped cream frosting.

tres_leches5 tres_leches7

I used this recipe and they were really tasty. There are so many recipes out there that it is hard to pick, but I whichever one you do go with I would recommend two things. 1 – Sift all of your ingredients first to make the batter extra smooth, mine was a little lumpy and 2 – definitely refrigerate overnight.


If you dont have time to refrigerate these overnight then I wouldn’t go with this dessert. It’s time consuming but well worth the wait. The overnight helps the glaze seep into the fluffy cake and the result is the most moist cupcake I have ever tried!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.35.31 PM

Sad to see my friend go, but glad I tried these little cakes. They are my new mexican themed dessert! What are you go-to dessert recipes?

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