Featured Friends: A Lesson in Lipstick

In honor of National Lipstick Day a couple weeks ago (I’m late I know) and because I need some serious help in picking lipstick out, we have a guest blogger on LHC today! I’ve known this little lady since 6th grade and even though we’ve been apart for many years, we recently reconnected and bonded over blogging – pretty cute right?


I met Shawna at summer camp and we were instant summer besties. We went to different middle schools but every year when we got back to camp it was like no time had passed. Now, pretending to be adults, we still share the same interests and it’s like the 15 years since we’ve seen each other hasn’t changed a thing! She has her own blog, over at Big Hair & Underwear and today she is going to share her story and love of lipstick and help us all find our favorite go-to shade. Her favorite shades are listed below.


The train bumped along the rickety tracks of the scenic ride from Sydney to Maitland, Australia. I was anxiously awaiting my arrival in wine country after a 24 hour plane ride from VA to Sydney & minimal sleep due to the sheer excitement of being down under. 21 years old, new graduate ready to spend one month visiting old friends that I met at a day camp in which I worked growing up. In fact, that same camp was where I met Chelsea & spent most of our awkward teen summers taking trips, helping with younger campers, making friendship bracelets & coming into our own with our summer family.

This trip to Australia was my last vacation before starting my job & officially entering the real world. The next month would be a life changing one & a time for me to enter this new chapter with a fresh mindset on life as a 20 something.


As I flipped through the thick pages of a magazine I had purchased I stumbled across an article by Tom Ford. He quoted his mother & how she always was the epitome of perfection as she glided on a rich hue from one of her many coveted lipsticks to greet guests or freshen up for an evening. The article highlighted some of Tom’s famous shades and captivated me with his words & his opinion when it came to this makeup staple.

When it comes to lipstick many think, “I cannot pull that off.” Simple as that. The fear of edging away from the norm frightens them instantaneously. It’s like the time you saw yourself for the first time without braces. Of course you looked great, far better than a mouthful of metal brackets, but you are so comfortable with your everyday look that this sudden change is frightening.


Upon my return to the states I went straight to the Bobbi Brown counter in Charlottesville, VA and began playing. I spent an hour experimenting with my favorite makeup artist trying on a variety of hues until I settled on my perfect shade. Pink #1.

Since that time my lipstick collection has grown into it’s own. Different seasons, events and outfits all have the perfect lipstick to add that final bit of zest. It’s become my trademark simply because I took the chance & made it my own.


In honor of National Lipstick Day, go out & pick up a shade that you love.

Kiss kiss everyone, xx


2 thoughts on “Featured Friends: A Lesson in Lipstick

  1. I’ve just started dabbling in lipstick, so this post is perfect for me! I definitely spent years thinking I couldn’t pull it off, but I’m starting to love how easy it is to add that “little something extra.”


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