Love n’ Haight

Wednesday is a good day for reflection. Halfway through the week; a couple days from the previous weekend’s events and a couple of days before the upcoming weekend’s agenda. How often do you reflect on the week you’ve had? I can barely tell you what I had for breakfast this morning, let alone how I felt a whole week ago. Some of my memories from last week are reflections of things that I did, I see a smile or a nice glass of wine or a particularly annoying task on my to do list. Just focusing on those for a second lets me remember and helps me to focus on things in the now.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 1.22.52 PM

Like reflections from my week, the reflections from inside these little jewel boxes are so pretty, mirroring the light of the things you place inside them.  Like the light from this kaleidoscope-esque window display on Haight that refracts the images of the many interesting passerby. I can’t begin to imagine all of the colorful people this kaleidoscope display sees in a week, superimposing the small triangles of paper and the blue of the sky onto their own bright reflections for the day.

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