Red, White and Blue

Remember when I said stay tuned for the festive snacks – well here they are (I don’t disappoint)! Red white and blue snacks for any backyard Fourth of July BBQ or party. These little morsels are a perfect sweet treat to eat under the fireworks, and they are a breeze to make.


Strawberry biscuits, with clotted cream and blueberries on top – you can’t get more American than that!



I used this recipe, which actually calls them scones – the only modification I made was that I smushed up the strawberries (to make the batter more red) and in doing so there was way too much liquid in the batter.


But instead of freaking out (ok, I was worried for a second) I just went with it (American style), and instead of rolling them flat and cutting them out I just scooped them onto a cookie tray. The result was like a little drop biscuit. So embrace the mistakes, sometimes they work out for the best, or stick with the recipe if you want more scone-like snacks – either way.


They were soft and moist, with a dollop of this faux-clotted cream on top that was sweet and just sour enough to bring all of the flavors together.



Topped with some navy blue and you have a patriotic dessert to wow your friends and comrades (wanted to say bros, but let’s not get carried away with the American-ness).

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