It’s hard to write blog posts when all you do is work and watch soccer. The World Cup is an emotionally draining experience and today all my emotions were sucked from me in the US defeat. I’m not a sports person (you guys already know that) but the World Cup is different. I’m a World Cup person because I’m American and America played today and I got to root for America with my friends from all over the country, and we were rooting for the same thing – the US of A. And I was proud.

We tried and we did our best, and you all know (or maybe you didn’t but you do now) that Tim Howard is a boss. And I think we did what we wanted to do in this World Cup, wake up American and turn them into the idea of us believing in soccer, because I know I believe.

Good thing there is another day this week where we can celebrate being American – phew, I was worried.

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