Love n’ Haight

Working in advertising makes you notice ads a bit more, well maybe not notice them more (who watches those pre-roll videos on youtube anyway) but maybe makes you think about them more when you do actually take notice. It’s interesting to see the different types of advertising and how effective each of them are, from the person flyering on the corner to the guy cold calling you, to that giant sign in the window, to that Anthropologie ad that just keeps popping up when you are online (it knows I want to buy that skirt, it just knows).

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.02.47 PM

The simplest and I would say most effective tool in the advertising tool bag is something eye catching and colorful. And while this soft pink sweater with the uniquely wrapped zebra on it caught my eye without the advertising (or any Anthropologie stalking), this sign for a t-shirt store on Haight Street definitely made me stop and pay attention. After inspecting this great advertisment, I walked into the store and noticed I could buy many soft, pink or orange or black t-shirts with animals creatively wrapped or pictured on their fronts and it made me wonder what type of advertising I am most susceptible to. Is it the bright, shiney and right in my face or the subtle ad that follows me around the web, showing me things I know I want to buy….

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