Sticky Toffee Pudding

In honor of the World Cup (hope you all have been watching) and my love of themed anything, I made an English themed snack for the game last weekend. It turned out to be a not so bonnie football match for the Brits, but the dog’s bollocks snacks made up for it (that means delicious, apparently. I’ll stop using British phrases now), who knew sticky toffee pudding was so grand.


It was a breeze to make – the only difficult part was getting the ingredients (which you would think is the easy part). It calls for a cup of coffee and dates. Now, I don’t drink coffee (I know ridiculous) and buying a cup just for this recipe seemed weird to me. So (genius that I am, yes full pat on the back) I used a free cup of coffee from Trader Joes! It worked perfectly, and I also couldn’t find dates so I used prunes. But don’t be alarmed, it was still delicious (can I say double genius now, or is that too much?).


I used this Martha recipe (the only substitution was the prunes) and made them into mini cakes, because everything tastes better when it’s mini.



Add all the ingredients to the mixer and go to town, be sure to not over mix, or the cake will be tough. You want light little fluffy morsels so they can soak up the sticky toffee part.



While the little buns were baking, I made the toffee sauce. No pictures, sorry I think I got side tracked, but it did take a little bit longer than the recipe says.



The finished product was a cute spongy cake (poked some holes so the toffee could get inside) and a really delicious sauce on top. Like so delicious, I was scraping the plate clean by the end…



Have you had any World Cup themed parties yet, any country themed snacks?

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