Love n’ Haight

Haphazard is a great word. I love that it can describe any one thing, but also that one thing’s state of being. Something that is fundamentally organized can still be in a haphazard state at one point or another. A city can be haphazard, on the day of a marathon for example, random roadblocks are set up, there are people running in the streets – but at the center of it all is perfect planning and execution built upon the strong foundation and layout of the city.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.19.52 AM

I love that art can be haphazard-esque, while most of the time the artist was very precise in his movements or brush strokes. This pretty pillow has that same effect. Seemingly random brushstrokes at first glance, but upon further inspection a beautifully crafted rainbow pattern. The same goes for this apartment building on Haight. Fundamentally a very organized building with windows and stairs, but given the look of haphazardness, matching the overall feeling of Haight Street in general.

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