Na Pali Coast

On our last full day on the island, we kind of chartered our own boat, for a private tour of the coast (yeah we fancy, sometimes) and some snorkeling.

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The Na Pali (meaning high cliffs) Coast is the famous for its untouched beauty and ridiculous hike along the cliffs and through the valley. No cars are allowed on this side of the island, just feet and tents (and boats, oh my).

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Many movies, including Jurassic Park (try getting the theme song out of your head now), South Pacific, 7 Days and 7 Nights , to name a few, were filmed on the beaches we passed by and in the giant valley that we looked down on during our Waimea Canyon hike (this is what we were trying to see through the clouds).

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The biggest perk of having our own boat (besides the fact that my family doesn’t seem to like other people) was that it was small enough to go in and out of the caves and close enough to see birds sitting on the cliffs.

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The other big private boat tour perk was that we had the Kauai native Captain Nick all to ourselves for questions and we were all able to hear his stories and facts about the island.

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My favorite story was that Puff the Magic Dragon was born here, or the story originated here. There is a long formation of mountain down to the beach that (if you look just right) looks like a dragon and when the large winter waves crash on his snout it looks like steam coming from his nose. This story was born in the 60’s, and who knew what kind of puffing they were doing…

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 5.20.21 PM

Captain Nick said one of his friends got married in the center of this open cave. The rock in the middle (what used to be the roof of the cave) is where the couple stood and the guests were in the water on small boats around them – talk about a memorable wedding.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 5.18.25 PM
A boat tour is a must in Kauai, there is so much that you can’t see or get to by car. The views are too good to pass up, and Captain Nick’s stories make it worth your while.

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