A Touch of Spring

I am one of those people that decorates for every holiday. I had it growing up and now I do it in my own apartment (pretend grown up remember). I obviously love holidays – and any excuse to celebrate (read: Cinco De Mayo), but when it comes to spring, the holidays are limited. After the Easter eggs and bunnies go away what is there to decorate with until the 4th?



Flowers – the answer is always going to be flowers for springtime. They are colorful and add the perfect amount of decoration without being holiday specific, because lets face it – they are going to be out until the 4th.


I saw some versions of this floral garland on Pinterest so I decided to take a stab at it. I used a mix of dried and silk roses and the combo actually worked out really well. All you need is flowers (fresh, silk or dried), twine/hemp string, hot glue  and scissors.






The process was simple and very customizable. You can use fresh or fake flowers, you can use little objects instead of flowers for different holidays – it’s totally up to you!


I love the finished product, its adds some seasonal decoration that isn’t over the top and it’ll hold me over until July’s festivities. What are you favorite holidays to decorate for?

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