Cinco de Mayo

I love that Cinco de Mayo is a real holiday in the US. Well maybe not real, but that people are all about celebrating it. Bars and restaurants have special menus and drinks, people bring in Mexican themed snacks to work, I’ve saw someone wearing a sombrero today – the fifth of May has such a celebratory spirit. In honor of that spirit, I made some Latin inspired treats for tonight!


Margaritas are festive in nature, they are perfect for warm summer nights and celebratory brunches. I love them on the rocks and blended, with strawberries or straight lime agave. I have never had them with pineapple though, and boy have I been missing out.



I used this recipe and the proportions are perfect. Not too limey with a great punch of pineapple flavor. Tequila adds the kick and you have a pretty perfect drink on your hands.





Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 2.47.12 PM

I also made a mini snack – not intended to be mini but I only had a small star shaped piping tip so they turned miniature.


Churros are surprisingly easy to make, they just take a very close eye when frying. This recipe made it really simple, but watch the temperature of your oil so they don’t burn or smoke up your kitchen (I might be speaking from experience experience).




IMG_5930The dough came out light and fluffy and the sugary cinnamony (should be a word) coating made them taste just like they do at the country fair.


Festive drinks and snacks are muy bueno! Happy Cinco de Mayo Amigos! Do you guys have any special fiesta plans?

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