Pickling 101

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Tiny cucumbers in a jar with some vinegar are just not really my thing, but give me some red onions in a jar with some pickling fluids and I’m in! For some reason I am not a fan of the actual pickled pickle but I like pickled everything else. Nate on the other hand could have pickles with every meal and still want more – so for Valentines Day I got us a ‘Pickling 101’ date.



Workshop SF is an awesome little group of teachers and crafters that hold sessions for just about anything and everything crafty. They have classes ranging from beer making to burger making, and from sewing for floral arranging.




We chose the late night pickling class (aka bring some drinks), and while they give you everything you need we also brought a couple extra veggies. We walked to the workshop and sat at the long tables with about 12 other people all happily chatting and drinking beer or wine. Our teacher, Kelly, was an adorable pickle entrepreneur who spoke to us about the value and necessity (for those lovers of pickles) of the art of pickling.




First we made a fermented cabbage slaw. The colors of this one were gorgeous, we used all fresh ingredients and then selected any spices to go in it. One trick she told us, was that you want to massage the mixture to release all the juices and make it as watery as you can for the best fermentation possible.




Our second batch was just the regular pickled variety, and for this we did green beans, and asparagus and carrots. The selection of spices was overwhelming so I just added the pickling spice (unoriginal I know).



Kelly brought in some of her McVickers pickles that she made for us to sample. The brown sugar brussels were my favorite, I could have eaten the whole bowl. We tried to recreate these when we got home. They are still in the pickling process, but I’ll let you know how they turn out.


If you are in the mood for something different and want to maybe take a stab at learning something new try Workshop SF. They have a class for everyone and you can take home and show off your skills after!


7 thoughts on “Pickling 101

  1. I just recently found your blog. I think the pickling class looks awesome! I wish we had something like that here in South Korea…. land of kimchi! haha! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to reading more of your post. Until then Happy Spring to you!


  2. I am an avid fermentation geek! That looks like so much fun. I love that people are starting to embrace things like this more. I’ll have to check this out and participate in a workshop myself 🙂


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