Stuffed Pizza

In planning for my Chicago trip, there were three things I wanted to do once there – visit Willis Tower (check), see The Bean (double check) and eat deep dish Chicago style pizza – and boy did I!


Chicago is the home of deep dish pizza and there are so many options to choose from! You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t, but I was) to know that deep dish pizza was invented in the kitchen at Pizzaria Uno (yeah that one) in the 1940’s. The first stuffed pizza (only differentiated from the deep dish by it’s deeper crust) was first made at Giordano’s in Chicago. So after going through all of the choices I decided oldest was best for me. I picked Giordano’s, from the expansive list of options because they were the first to make stuffed pizza and because I could walk there from my hotel.


I’ve had deep dish pizza before, Little Star being my favorite in SF but this seemed different somehow – older, richer and pretty close to perfect!


I got the Chicago Pizza that was stuffed with green peppers, onions, pepperoni and I added sausage (why I have no idea, the thing was huge already). And the combination of flavors was spot on.


Having been the first to make this stuffed creation they’ve had time to perfect it. There was just the right amount of chunky sauce, in relation to toppings (or stuffings) and to cheese and crust.


Perfect proportions make for perfect pizza, and I would eat it again right now if I could! After two pieces I put it back in the sturdy box and brought it on the plane so Nate could have some too – and he agrees – Chicago does it better!

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