Love n’ Haight

Sometimes I wish I had that artist gene. It runs in the fam, my sister got it but it skipped me. She can literally draw or paint anything. She made a poster for me when I ran for president (of the 8th grade) that was my name in the same script as the Coca-Cola logo (ps. I won, and it was probably because of that poster). The coolest thing I have ever drawn or painted was a replica of Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’ – it was a total Monet. But instead of making my own art, like my sister does, or like she will hopefully do for me, I need to buy it. And you guys know I have no trouble buying things, no trouble at all.


I am attached to art with lots of colors. I love that this one, by Kristy Gammill, is neon bright but also abstract. It could go anywhere in my apartment to add a pop of color. This girl on Haight has some talent, should I commission her for a painting to hang in my house? I might steer away from the skull, but she is using all the colors of the rainbow.

One thought on “Love n’ Haight

  1. I beg to differ, as proof just look at my dresser mirror and the wonderful cards you have made for me, also the Hawaii frames with the papier-mâché islands and then finally the Monet finger-painting hanging in my dining room, all of these item take time and talent which you have! You just need to do it more to bring out those skills, and let’s not forget you creativity!!!

    You are so talented!!


    Craig Picinich
    Executive Director BP&S
    Global Program Management Office
    Clinical Development Services
    Covance, Inc.
    Signature CLIENT SERVICE
    Think service. Deliver excellence


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