Pretzel Knots

Breads are not my forte. I love to bake, but for some reason I have always been afraid of breads. Maybe its because I thought you needed a bread machine (amateur move) or the idea that my loaf would never look as perfect as the pain de mie in the window of Acme Breads. Whatever my weird hesitations were, they are gone now. I made dough, boiled it and baked it – my fears are gone!


Pretzel knots you guys, pretzel knots. Ridiculously delicious, easy, fun to make and did I say delicious? These are a perfect snack for the Super Bowl, especially with the jalapeno cheese sauce (not pictured here, but included in recipe here). You can make them into whatever shape you want. I did knots for easy bite-sized pieces (and I love everything in mini form) but you can do the whole pretzel shape or bunnies or theme it up with football shapes.


The process is fairly painless, you just need to exercise a little patience when letting the dough rise (another not forte of mine).



Once the dough doubles (took about an hour for mine) then you can shape them however you like.



Boil ‘em, bake ‘em – mark ‘em with a C, and put them in the oven for you and me!



And TA-DA, tastey bite sized pretzels that will wow any crowd.


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