Sterling Vineyards


Some people love wine (me) while others are not too fond of it, and my parents are the latter. So naturally, I took them wine tasting when they came to visit. I thought it would be a fun outing, they had never been to Napa and after the visit they were wine lovers! Well not lovers, but enjoyers of un-oaked chardonnay and dessert wine, the starter kit. Taking them to Sterling Vineyards didn’t hurt either. This place is gorgeous!


They have a charming gondola that you take up the hill (my dad’s favorite part). Up top you cruise through a self guided tour of the facilities with wine stops along the way. I loved that it was a ‘go at your own pace’ kind of tasting, you could chat with the staff (aka the cute little French old man) and take in the views as you go.




The building on the hill is beautiful, it’s filled with art alongside the barrels and the tour ends on a huge patio overlooking the valley.





If you get the VIP access, you go up to the very top of the hill to the tasting room. Here we sat on a different patio, in the middle of a forest, and tasted their select wines. All were delicious to me and my parents finished most of their glasses – victory!




If you are looking for a vineyard in Calistoga, Ca I would definitely recommend Sterling. It was such a good experience all around – great wine, great views, easy tasting.

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