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2014 is here my friends! I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve night! Yesterday was a recovery day for most (myself included) and now it’s on to resolution time!

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My resolution from last year was to start this blog, and crazily enough I went through with it and what’s even crazier is that I am still doing it – almost a year later.  I don’t think I’ve ever kept a resolution that long, but my first resolution this year is to continue growing my blog (that’s an easy one).

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My second resolution, and the big one, this year is – are you ready – run the SF Half Marathon in July. How I am going to do this, I haven’t thought about it yet, but I’ve made the resolution and now I have to stick with it. I’m not the biggest fan of running (woops), swimming was my sport, but you have to start somewhere right? If you have ANY TIPS at all for what I should be doing, please pass them on to me, I’m in my research and beginner stages so any info is welcome.

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My third resolution is to say yes more. Someone asked me if I wanted to run the SF Half and I said yes! So I’m off to a good start. Those three are the big ones for this year, and along with those, I want to do a lot more of all of these things as well – what are some of your 2014 resolutions and plans?

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