Christmas Eve Excitement

Christmas Eve is always the calm before the storm. When I was little, it was the calm before the storm of waking up on Christmas day and running around making sure everyone’s awake, looking to see how many presents came from Santa, putting on my Christmas pajamas, and checking out my stocking. Christmas eve is the bubbling and building of excitement, its the knowing that the next day is going to be awesome.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 11.15.20 AM{Me circa 1995}

Now as a semi-grown up, it’s still that build up of excitement but it’s excitement in a different way. Now the storm of Christmas morning is more about watching people open the gifts I got them (and hoping they liked it), or making and enjoying of Christmas brunch (and beverages), the playing of games and the five star lounging that the day entails. I hope all of your Christmas Eves have been lovely and hopeful and full of excitement, while we all sit in the calm before the storm, waiting patiently for tomorrow morning.

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