Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich

Ever since I moved into my apartment with Nate, I have wanted an ice cream maker. Why this particular appliance, I don’t know. Maybe because I already have a crock pot, an immersion blender and a food processor (spoiled much?). But ice cream maker was next on the list. And I must have talked about it a little too much because my friends got it for me for my birthday (spoiled much?).


Since then, it’s become one of my favorite appliances, for obvious reasons – it makes really delicious things. I’ve made strawberry balsamic ice cream and cookies n’ cream, but for the ultimate ice cream sandwich, I decided to make sweet cream ice cream with brownie-like cookie ends.


I used this recipe for the sweet cream ice cream. And I know you are thinking – woah, corn syrup and no eggs? But I read this article from a famous ice cream maker and I was sold. It makes it creamier and it literally tastes exactly like the Cold Stone sweet cream.


These brownie cookie ends are the same that I made for Galentine’s Day last year, except not in heart shapes. I love that they are thin likes cookies but are gooey and chewy like brownies, they make perfect ice cream sandwich ends.



I assembled then (harder than it sounds), put some parchment paper and twine on them and – voila! Seriously good ice cream sandies to keep in the freezer or to bring to your next holiday party.


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