Love n’ Haight

Living in a city, its hard to decorate the outside of your apartment for Christmas. I live on the backyard side of my building so even hanging lights in the windows won’t be seen by anyone (except me). Some businesses light up or  paint their windows, or if you are Mendel’s, you go all out and create an awesome window display for every season and holiday. But Haight street was looking very scrooge-like until the Haight Ashbury Merchant Association (HAMA) launched their holiday street light fundraiser.

tree1So far there are 4 trees lit, with donations from Whole Foods and other Haight street merchants. The sight is so festive and cheerful! It’s nice to have lights on the street that match the festive Christmas lights inside my apartment. I love these mini fairy twinkley lights for indoors (or on my Eiffel Tower statue) and the big tube lights and ribbons on the trees outside help spread the Christmas cheer on Haight!

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