Holiday Party Attire

Tis the season for cocktail dresses and heels (and eating and drinking, as I keep saying). I had a party last week, my company’s party is tomorrow and I’m attending the tree lot party later in the month. I didn’t know it, but after laying out all of my dresses I saw a theme. Some sort of black pattern, classy and (pretend) grown up with a pop of color to keep it interesting.


Last weekend, for my friend’s cocktail Christmas party, I wore this short sleeve patterned dress with plain black heels. I love the pattern but it was missing something, it needed some color. So I pulled out the brightest necklace I could find, to add a little sass to the outfit (it was well received).


For my work party, I have a long sleeve black velvet dress (notice subtle velvet pattern) and black heels, again I needed some character so I added this (intense by itself) BaubleBar necklace to spice it up a bit.


The tree lot party will definitely require a long sleeve dress (it’s at Fort Mason with the trees, and its like a refrigerator inside). So I got this long sleeve dress, with festive red hearts and red heels to match! I hope you all enjoy your Christmas parties this year and that you get to dress up, and of course that you eat, drink and be merry!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Party Attire

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  2. hi I was googling for black pattern dresses and found your dress on this blog!!! Let me just tell you the first dress is amazing! Can you please tell me where you bought the dress?


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