Make Eat Easy – Part II

December is full of ugly sweater parties, work parties and secret santa and white elephant exchanges, let’s just say it’s the season of parties, and eating (which describes it perfectly). I love making treats and appetizers to bring to the parties and I had a great idea to use Make Eat Easy again!.


Remember my friends at Make Eat Easy, the guys who deliver your fresh ingredients to you in perfectly measured packets so all you need to do is mix and bake? Well I ordered an appetizer from them, and it was just as delicious and easy to make as the dessert! I made the Shrimp Avocado Toast which looks fancy enough for any Christmas or New Years appetizer party.



This would also be a great one to bring to parties because it doesn’t get cold! And you can make the shrimp avocado mixture ahead of time and assemble right before the party.



You can order enough to make for a party on their website —- and just bring in a plate of these and you will definitely get a kiss under the mistletoe!






My favorite thing about this recipe is that it looks so fancy! When really its just shrimp and avocado with some egg on toast! It’s great! And it tastes really simple and delicious.



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