This is going to be a food filled week! As well it should be, leading up to the most foodie holiday! Turkey Day is right around the corner, and many a Friendsgivings are to be had.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.04.39 AM

I went to my second Friendsgiving of the year, and I have one more to go still. I don’t think I will ever get sick of turkey and mashed potatoes, even though that is all I eat in the month of November. Friendsgivings are my favorite, you get to see everyone’s favorite dish from the dinners they have with their families. And people make some delicious dishes last night.


{we opted for roasted chickens instead of making a turkey}


{serious mac and cheese, so much crust on top you can’t even see the noodles}


{burrata pomegranate salad, the only raw green veggie on the table}


{mashed butternut squash, a side I had never had before but that was so tastey}


{brussel sprouts with bacon, need I say more?}


{melt in your mouth, buttery, sugary yams}


{the best stuffing I’ve had, the big chunks of bread was so soft and soaked up gravy perfectly}


{not the biggest fan of broccoli but when you put cheese on it, it turns into something delicious}


{my family always does the green bean casserole, and it’s one of my favorites}


{these look like regular biscuits, but they had a cream cheese, cheddar jalapeno filling that was so perfect with all the other dishes}


{and you always gotta have mashed potatoes}


{all in all, I think we liked it…}

What are you  Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving plans? I see a lot of potatoes and deep fried turkeys on the horizon…

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