Friday’s Favs

I’ve been a bit scatterbrained this week. I woke up on Wednesday thinking it was Friday (not even close), I went to return something with the receipt but forgot the item, and I have about a hundred post-it notes of lists and ideas that I came up with this week scattered around my desk, purse and dresser. Needless to say, my brain needs to chill. Tonight we are flying down to Laguna for a weekend of friends and family and I’m excited to not have to plan or think about planning anything. In an attempt to gather my thoughts and ideas from the week, I found a couple of DIY projects I want to try and a couple pictures to sooth the scattered brain of mine.

FF2{I want to make a pom pom garland for my Christmas tree}

FF3{I love this layered tree from Target, I bet it would be easy to make}

FF1{visited my alma mater for the game}

FF4{pretty colors on the coast by Dillon Beach}

FF5{in theme with yesterday’s post, these would make great Thanksgiving centerpieces}

What are you all doing this weekend? Do any of you have Monday (Verteran’s Day) off? Hope you have a great weekend, short or long!

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