This is going to be a food filled week! As well it should be, leading up to the most foodie holiday! Turkey Day is right around the corner, and many a Friendsgivings are to be had.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.04.39 AM

I went to my second Friendsgiving of the year, and I have one more to go still. I don’t think I will ever get sick of turkey and mashed potatoes, even though that is all I eat in the month of November. Friendsgivings are my favorite, you get to see everyone’s favorite dish from the dinners they have with their families. And people make some delicious dishes last night.


{we opted for roasted chickens instead of making a turkey}


{serious mac and cheese, so much crust on top you can’t even see the noodles}


{burrata pomegranate salad, the only raw green veggie on the table}


{mashed butternut squash, a side I had never had before but that was so tastey}


{brussel sprouts with bacon, need I say more?}


{melt in your mouth, buttery, sugary yams}


{the best stuffing I’ve had, the big chunks of bread was so soft and soaked up gravy perfectly}


{not the biggest fan of broccoli but when you put cheese on it, it turns into something delicious}


{my family always does the green bean casserole, and it’s one of my favorites}


{these look like regular biscuits, but they had a cream cheese, cheddar jalapeno filling that was so perfect with all the other dishes}


{and you always gotta have mashed potatoes}


{all in all, I think we liked it…}

What are you  Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving plans? I see a lot of potatoes and deep fried turkeys on the horizon…

Friday’s Favs

I’ve been a bit scatterbrained this week. I woke up on Wednesday thinking it was Friday (not even close), I went to return something with the receipt but forgot the item, and I have about a hundred post-it notes of lists and ideas that I came up with this week scattered around my desk, purse and dresser. Needless to say, my brain needs to chill. Tonight we are flying down to Laguna for a weekend of friends and family and I’m excited to not have to plan or think about planning anything. In an attempt to gather my thoughts and ideas from the week, I found a couple of DIY projects I want to try and a couple pictures to sooth the scattered brain of mine.

FF2{I want to make a pom pom garland for my Christmas tree}

FF3{I love this layered tree from Target, I bet it would be easy to make}

FF1{visited my alma mater for the game}

FF4{pretty colors on the coast by Dillon Beach}

FF5{in theme with yesterday’s post, these would make great Thanksgiving centerpieces}

What are you all doing this weekend? Do any of you have Monday (Verteran’s Day) off? Hope you have a great weekend, short or long!

Thanksgiving Tables

I don’t really consider myself a grown up. I have lived on my own in SF for 3 years going on 4, I pay my own bills and my own rent and I do my own grocery shopping but I still don’t feel like I am a full fledged adult. I’m in denial, but I am hosting my parents for Christmas this year – like a grown up – so I’m going to have to at least pretend.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.49.39 AM{via}

In preparation, I thought I would baby step it there, and start with Thanksgiving. I am hosting some potlucks for Thanksgiving in the coming weeks and I can practice my table scape setting and cooking skills then. I’ve never set a fancy table so I did a little research and gathered some inspiration.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.51.23 AM{via}

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.56.02 AM{via}

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.55.30 AM{via}

Setting a table is about details, when working with such a small space (a table top only) you have to make an impression. People will remember the little ribbon holding the silverware, or the metallic leaves scattered across the table or acorn name cards.



Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.26.12 AM{via}

I also, love this thankful list as a place setting. You could ask people to fill it out before the meal and then have everyone read it after.


For the table, I think simple is better (but still sprinkled with little details), especially for Thanksgiving. I love both of these pumpkin centerpieces, not too big but still so creative and festive.

simple- 1{via}

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.38.13 AM{via}

How cool would it be to have an outside turkey day dinner, just the like the pilgrims! The wheat and white pumpkins on this outdoor table are perfect for an afternoon Thanksgiving feast.


Have you ever set a Thanksgiving table? What are you go-tos for entertaining? I’d love some advice, I gotta grow up sometime!

Make Eat Easy – Part I


YOU GUYS – there is a seriously cool new company that you need to try out. It’s called Make Eat Easy and it does just that! This great SF based company allows you to pick and choose delicious, and fancy looking/tasting/sounding meals (all of the above) to try at home – but the best part is that they do all the work for you!


First, you go to their website and select the kind of meal you want, and for how many people. They have appetizers, brunch items, dinner items and dessert items. Then you order your ingredients and pick a day for the package to get delivered. You can also add in tools you might need to make the meal, like a  mortar and pestle or a pastry brush (really handy gadgets that I never think to buy, but always need).




Now, prepare yourself for my gushing because this is basically the coolest thing ever. The folks at Make Eat Easy took a good idea and made it great. I picked out what I wanted, they delivered everything to my door and all I had to do was stir the ingredients together and cook it a little bit. It’s simple and convenient, fresh, fast and (wait for it) actually really tastey.





The tastey part I wasn’t expecting. I thought it would be easy and fast, but not as delicious as it turned out to be.  I ordered an appetizer and a dessert to make. The appetizer will get it’s own post next week because it took 10 minutes to make and it looks like something Martha Stewart made. But for now, let’s talk dessert and let’s talk pizza.




I chose to make the berry pizza, mainly because I had never made one and I was intrigued.  It kind of felt like I was eating dessert for dinner! And when they say they make eating easy, they mean it. The ingredients come in clearly labeled, pre-measured containers – all you need to do is add them together in the right order and stir (fo reals, that easy).




You can get the recipe for the berry pizza here (along with all of their free recipes) and let me tell you – berries + cream cheese + pita bread = mind blown. Such simple ingredients and so little time should not have made something this delicious, but it did! If you live in the Bay Area and want to try something new for dinner or make dinner for friends try MakeEatEasy, and cook smart – you will not be disappointed!