Friday’s Favs

I’ve had a sporty couple of weeks here recently. I got a new bike and I have actually ridden to work two days this week! My legs are getting used to the climb home, hopefully I will get better at it. I went to two sporting events in one weekend (A’s and 49ers), I danced merrily at Treasure Island Music Festival and I tuckered out a little ball of energy, a great feat if I do say so myself. Who needs exercise when you ride your bike and watch other people run around on a field?


{my new bike Cleo, ain’t she perdy?}

photo (1)

{Stomper the A’s elephant came to say hey}


{festive mac and cheese for the tailgate}


{beautiful colors painted over the 49ers crushing the Texans}


{awesome jellyfish dancing with the crowd while listening to Phantogram}


{Huckleberry tuckered out after we played in the park, everyone loves a good puppy snuggle}

Are you guys being sporty this weekend, even if you aren’t I hope it’s a good one!

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