DIY Ombré PIllows


I have a hard time making decisions when it comes to things going in my apartment. I used to want to be an interior designer but after watching many (and I mean many) Trading Spaces episodes, I realized I wouldn’t be great at making those game time decisions. I’m still having a hard time making those decisions when it comes to getting things for my apartment. Case in point with the pillows, I have been deciding between  so many for so long. But I finally made at least a small decision regarding them – I made my own. I wouldn’t be the designer on Trading Spaces but I would be that girl staying up until midnight dying pillows.



I used these directions and my only piece of advice is that you should use the whole bottle of dye and be patient (which I am not). Keep the cloth in the dye for the designated amount of time and it will turn out perfect.


I didn’t have gloves, so I used plastic sandwich bags (ghetto, I know) and it worked fine.


I also did this project inside, and it worked well. I put down a piece of cardboard and then lots of newspaper to soak up any water.


Making your own is a lot cheaper than buying them. I saw an ombre pillow at target for $20 bucks and I made two for $10 – and in my opinion they turned out better (no offence Target).


I wanted to add color to the living room and boy are these bright and golden! Now I just have to buy other pillows to match, more decisions…


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