Word on the street is that Nopa is one of the best (if not the best) restaurant in the city. I feel a little embarrassed that I have lived here for three years and just went for the first time last weekend. After enjoying a lovely brunch, I would definitely put it in the category of top restaurants in the city (right up there with Beretta and Magnolia) and I’m already planning to go back to try the dinner menu.


The decor is perfect, I don’t know how they did it but they managed to make it feel homey and warm, while still being modern and cool.


One unique thing that I had never experienced in a brunch menu was that they offered the menu like a dinner menu. There were three sections, starters, small plates and large plates.





For starters we got the scone, and it was literally the best I’ve ever had (I’m going to say this a lot in this post so just be prepared). It was warm (always a good start) and soft and moist on the inside. This date scone was savory with a light crunch of sugar baked into the top and it was served with creme fraiche – perfection.



For our small plate we ordered the baked egg, kind of like a dinner egg dish. It was an egg baked in the oven with tomato sauce and couscous (Israeli couscous to be exact, the best kind) and it was really tastey. Out of the ordinary for a breakfast dish/appetizer but completely satisfying in a really great texturally interesting way.


The mains we got were epic. The french toast is pretty famous in the city so we obviously got that and we also got the italian sausage.


The sausage was so flavorful, the spices and juices worked perfectly together. You got that great snap when biting into it and crunching with the pickled onions. So much flavor for such a simple dish.


Watch out world – I’m going to tell you about the french toast – even though the picture speaks for itself. Hands down the best french toast I’ve ever had. If you haven’t tried it, go to Nopa and get it. If you don’t like french toast, learn to love it, and get it. If you are gluten free endure a stomach ache for a day because this is worth it, and get it. That’s all I have to say, oh and that this butter and egg soaked bread topped with fruit is to die for.


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