All Hallow’s Eve

Halloween is here my friends, and it literally snuck up on me, and was like “BOO!!” But really though, just a second ago it was the first day of summer and now all of a sudden it’s the end of October. Time flies, and now it’s time for pumpkins and CANDY! I’m so lame I didn’t even have time to carve a pumpkin. But I would have done this – for SURE, because I can’t stop, and I won’t stop…

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 11.02.06 AM

My costume creative juices are just as lame as my pumpkin carving juices. My thinking was that I couldn’t beat last year’s (toddlers in tiaras and Colonel Sanders) costume, so I didn’t even try.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 5.04.07 PM

While my pumpkin and costume may be lacking in creativity but I did scrape together some tastey trick or treats! I’ve seen multiple versions of these – some pumpkins, some witch hats, some ghosts, heck you can mould rice krispies into anything – so I thought it would be cute to make a Frankie and Mummy version.


Well, to be honest – the mummy versions came about because I forgot to put in the green food coloring and then was like OH SHIZ what am I going to do with all of these. But they turned out to be cute.


These spooky snacks were really easy to make, I just followed the krispie treat recipe on the box and added food coloring (second time’s a charm), eyeballs, and then either added more marshmallow for the mummies or dipped the tops in chocolate for Frankie. And if I were dressed as a skeleton I would have said “BONE Appetite!” (ba dump dump tsss). Sorry, Halloween makes me cheesey and nostalgic, no more candy for me…



What are you all being for Halloween this year? Some good ones I’ve seen today were a 6’4” tooth fairy man, a guy in a suit with an “I’m Sorry” poster attached (a formal apology), a cat lady, and a Teletubby. Hope your costumes and pumpkins and treats are super spooky! Happy Halloween friends!!!

Love n’ Haight

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 1.51.56 PM

Fanny packs are back in. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I ever thought these handy packs would come back in style I would have laughed in your face (yes my 15 year old, puffy vest wearing, stylish self would have laughed at you). But had you asked my 7 year old self (pictured above in the green tank) I would have been all about it. See the women of my family sporting one totally awesome hot pink pack and a black TGIF Friday’s one. Obviously I wanted one.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 2.29.15 PM
Fast forward 18 years and they are stylish again. I’ve seen them at music festivals, beer festivals, sporting events and I’ve even seen them in the male variety. I have a leather one but I love this mint cloth one too, for a more casual event. Maybe my 7 year old self would have liked this fuzzy monster variety or maybe I should get it and be a Muppet for Halloween…

Friday’s Favs

I’ve had a sporty couple of weeks here recently. I got a new bike and I have actually ridden to work two days this week! My legs are getting used to the climb home, hopefully I will get better at it. I went to two sporting events in one weekend (A’s and 49ers), I danced merrily at Treasure Island Music Festival and I tuckered out a little ball of energy, a great feat if I do say so myself. Who needs exercise when you ride your bike and watch other people run around on a field?


{my new bike Cleo, ain’t she perdy?}

photo (1)

{Stomper the A’s elephant came to say hey}


{festive mac and cheese for the tailgate}


{beautiful colors painted over the 49ers crushing the Texans}


{awesome jellyfish dancing with the crowd while listening to Phantogram}


{Huckleberry tuckered out after we played in the park, everyone loves a good puppy snuggle}

Are you guys being sporty this weekend, even if you aren’t I hope it’s a good one!

DIY Ombré PIllows


I have a hard time making decisions when it comes to things going in my apartment. I used to want to be an interior designer but after watching many (and I mean many) Trading Spaces episodes, I realized I wouldn’t be great at making those game time decisions. I’m still having a hard time making those decisions when it comes to getting things for my apartment. Case in point with the pillows, I have been deciding between  so many for so long. But I finally made at least a small decision regarding them – I made my own. I wouldn’t be the designer on Trading Spaces but I would be that girl staying up until midnight dying pillows.



I used these directions and my only piece of advice is that you should use the whole bottle of dye and be patient (which I am not). Keep the cloth in the dye for the designated amount of time and it will turn out perfect.


I didn’t have gloves, so I used plastic sandwich bags (ghetto, I know) and it worked fine.


I also did this project inside, and it worked well. I put down a piece of cardboard and then lots of newspaper to soak up any water.


Making your own is a lot cheaper than buying them. I saw an ombre pillow at target for $20 bucks and I made two for $10 – and in my opinion they turned out better (no offence Target).


I wanted to add color to the living room and boy are these bright and golden! Now I just have to buy other pillows to match, more decisions…



Word on the street is that Nopa is one of the best (if not the best) restaurant in the city. I feel a little embarrassed that I have lived here for three years and just went for the first time last weekend. After enjoying a lovely brunch, I would definitely put it in the category of top restaurants in the city (right up there with Beretta and Magnolia) and I’m already planning to go back to try the dinner menu.


The decor is perfect, I don’t know how they did it but they managed to make it feel homey and warm, while still being modern and cool.


One unique thing that I had never experienced in a brunch menu was that they offered the menu like a dinner menu. There were three sections, starters, small plates and large plates.





For starters we got the scone, and it was literally the best I’ve ever had (I’m going to say this a lot in this post so just be prepared). It was warm (always a good start) and soft and moist on the inside. This date scone was savory with a light crunch of sugar baked into the top and it was served with creme fraiche – perfection.



For our small plate we ordered the baked egg, kind of like a dinner egg dish. It was an egg baked in the oven with tomato sauce and couscous (Israeli couscous to be exact, the best kind) and it was really tastey. Out of the ordinary for a breakfast dish/appetizer but completely satisfying in a really great texturally interesting way.


The mains we got were epic. The french toast is pretty famous in the city so we obviously got that and we also got the italian sausage.


The sausage was so flavorful, the spices and juices worked perfectly together. You got that great snap when biting into it and crunching with the pickled onions. So much flavor for such a simple dish.


Watch out world – I’m going to tell you about the french toast – even though the picture speaks for itself. Hands down the best french toast I’ve ever had. If you haven’t tried it, go to Nopa and get it. If you don’t like french toast, learn to love it, and get it. If you are gluten free endure a stomach ache for a day because this is worth it, and get it. That’s all I have to say, oh and that this butter and egg soaked bread topped with fruit is to die for.


Friday’s Favs

It’s a weird in between summer/fall situation here in SF. It’s been really warm during the day, with bright blue skies and summer temperatures but then at night it feels like fall. The air is crisp and you get to pull out that jacket and feel like it’s actually October. And I get excited when October rolls around. It kicks off the holiday season (don’t tell but I’ve definitely listened to a Christmas song or two… or ten) with Halloween, and Turkey Day (and my birthday)! It’s a great time of year and I’m ready for SF to make up her mind and decide it’s fall, hurry it up already.


{fall colored foods}


{bright blue skies and sunshine}


{fun edible arrangement from my new team, at my new job – that I start next Friday!!}


{beautiful bead work on this vintage dress}


{homemade sushi – so much easier than you think}


{happy bubbles – have a great weekend!!}

Picky Pillows

One time a guy told me that he thought the most useless and time consuming thing girls do or care about is throw pillows. Obviously being a girl, I wholeheartedly disagree, but all of the boys agreed with him. I mean, I understand that the 10 pillows that make a bed look pretty aren’t really necessary but they make it look pretty – and that’s worth it, right? Throw pillows for couches or chairs also make them pretty and they are definitely not useless. But me trying to pick them out has, admittedly, been really time consuming.

Our couch is a tan sectional, and the walls of our living room are tan, our rug is two shades of brown and all of our furniture is espresso colored – so needless to say, there is a lot of brown going on. And the (not useless) pillows are the only way I can get some color in there. I need four pillow covers, so I’ve been shopping around.

Herd Pillow

Geometric and cute, Anthro really knows what they are doing.

Beaded Water Lily Pillow

This pattern is so subtle but so colorful, I could pick so many other pillows to go with it.

Beautiful-BOTH SIDES-14X20 Decorative Pillow Cover Braemore Home Decor Fabric-Floral-Throw Pillow-Accent Pillow-Lumbar Pillow-Couch Pillow

I love these colors, bright and floral and a little bit whimsy.

SOLID CORAL PILLOW.16x16 inch Chevron.Decorator Pillow Cover.Printed Fabric Front and Back.Coral.Solid

I would get two of these pink ones to go with the floral pillows and then dip dye some smaller ones (like this in yellow, DIY to follow). Would that be too much? I need help.

Set Of 2 Pillow, Pink Kantha Pillow, Kantha Decorative throw Pillow, kantha cushion, Floral Pillow Cushion, Indian Pillow, Cotton Pillow

I also love these, but I’m not sure what I could get to go with them. See my dilemma and how my time has been consumed? I guess I am just picky about my pillows! And the all brown room gives me a lot of freedom, a little too much. Which ones do you like best?

The Weekender

I feel like I have been going non-stop since we got back from vacation. The two weeks we have been back have been jam packed with events, birthdays, wine tasting, dinners and Cal games (most of which we have lost – let’s not talk about it). This past week and weekend were no exceptions.


Last week we went to a giants game, and to the Biergarten in Hayes Valley – which is awesome by the way, you MUST try the cheese knot!!




Friday came up fast and my friend Cara invited me to the DIY Refinery29 party at the new Levi’s store downtown.

Saturday was spontaneous and fun! We brunched, I bought a bike – a big girl bike – we did a double feature at the movies and then watched the Cal game…. I want to forget that game. But the movies were great. We saw the Robert Reich movie Inequality for All and Blue Jasmine – both were excellent, if a little depressing.


Then the pièce de résistance, on Sunday the ladies and I went wine tasting in a leopard-seated limo!








What have you guys been up to lately? Can you believe it’s October already?