The Layover

036En route to Thailand, we had a layover in Seoul. And having never been to Asia (or even in an Asian airport) and having a 12 hour layover, we decided to go on an adventure. Sometimes adventures are planned and sometimes they aren’t (ours was not, even though we are big planners). So we stored our bags at the airport, exchanged dollars into a couple thousand won and bought a ticket for the train into the city.




So we wandered. Somewhere Nate read that there was a stream that ran through the city so we went to find that and followed it down river (we were kind of lost, but thankfully lost in an urban jungle, not a real one).


Our first meal – Koreans (and Thai as well, we came to find out) don’t eat huge breakfasts like we do in America – was noodles. Really delicious and fresh noodles, when in Seoul right?


After fueling up, we strolled through downtown and found the Changdeokgung Palace. Situated right next to the skyscrapers is this enormous ancient palace.


The palace and its details were beautiful.


The name Changdeokgung Palace literally means “Prospering Virtue Palace,” it was established in 1395 and is known as one of the “Five Grand Palaces”







Exhausted from walking everywhere, and trying to find new shirts (we were pretty sweaty and still had the flight to Thailand) we got back on the train and headed back to the airport. It was a great little adventure that got us excited to explore more in Thailand.

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