Friday’s Favs

It’s good to be back. Thailand was absolutely amazing (if you haven’t been, you should go), and the amount of time we were there was perfect, not too short so that we felt rushed and not too long – we weren’t begging to come home (I mean who wants to leave the beach). Going on vacation in a different country and experiencing a different lifestyle was unforgettable. It opened our eyes to the Thai culture and it made us appreciate our own. Next week will be the full recap of our trip but I just wanted to say hi (I missed you )  – and show you a couple of memories to start off your weekend (don’t be jealous of the pool photo, it’s cold in SF and I wish I were there in the sunshine too).


{beautifully colored prayer flags in a temple in Chiang Mai}


{our friend for a day – story to come…}


{best dang egg rolls we ever did have}


{temple on the hill}


{these signs were everywhere, and for good reason – Durian is also known as stinky fruit, it’s not pleasant}


{drink at the highest outdoor bar in the world – Lebua State Tower in Bangkok}


{pineapple coconut shake by the pool – really missing this right now}

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