Love is in the air…

Wedding season is upon us and Nate and I have two weddings and one engagement party to go to this summer. The first wedding was at the end of June, in the mountains and very casual. In the invite it specifically said no heels and I was excited to put together a relaxed outfit. I wanted a bright sundress (sleeveless because it was 90 degrees), comfy flats, delicate jewelry and my hair up (I get a bit sweaty…).

015{I wore this dress, from H&M, with navy flats and gold earrings}

photo{Nate and I}

The next wedding is at the end of August and is black tie (I’m wearing this green number). Black tie is easy to dress for, when dressing for weddings the season and the time of the ceremony help you out. For this engagement party, I am relying on the location for the dress code advice – country club and of course on the classy couple whose party it is (Congrats Shayna and Nat!). We are driving down to LA for the party and my thought process for what to wear went like this: summer in LA = neon (the obvious choice) and hot, country club = classy = j. crew –> DONE.

022{dress, shoes, clutch}

What type of events do you have to dress up for this summer? How do you beat the heat?

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