Rubbing Elbows


{Ashley, me, Cara and Weston}

Last Thursday was the Refinery29 30 Under 30 party and lucky me got invited to go along. My friend Cara asked if I wanted to go with her and I literally jumped at the chance (I sent her a confirmation gchat, email and text right when she asked me – you know, just in case). It was a blast, there were fancy cocktails, fill-your-own donuts and a photo booth (see ridiculous pictures below). I wore my Freda Salvador shoes (remember the ones I WON?!) and while we were standing in line for drinks Cristina (co-founder and designer for Freda) spotted me and remembered me from the raffle night. We all chatted and exchanged cards. I felt like I was rubbing elbows and chatting it up with some really talented people the whole night!


{Cara and I being our goofy selves and finger dancing for the cameras!}

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