Every girl loves a bit of sparkle, whether it’s an oldie that you wear everyday or something new you got for an event this weekend – sparkle correlates to happiness (deep, I know). Statement necklaces are the new thing and can literally change an outfit entirely. A bold bright shirt can be toned down or fancied up with a large statement necklace. Arm parties are also “in” right now, I’m just starting to attempt this trend, and can really make an impression. In recent weeks I’ve accumulated a couple (okay, maybe more than a couple) new items to keep up with the Jones’ and their sparkly trends.


I think I’m obsessed with J.Crew’s jewelry line right now. I love the neon colors and bold pieces. I love the dainty gold bracelets too, I have worn them all together (practicing my arm party) with a bright top.


1This neon bracelet goes perfectly with a pair of shorts I got for vacation (I’m LOVE neon) and this flower necklace adds a nice feminine touch (sometimes you just hit the jackpot at Forever21).

3Hope your weekend was full of sparkles (aka happiness) and that you are having a great MONDAY!

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