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After coming back from studying abroad I  realized I wanted to go everywhere and see everything. I promised myself that I would travel somewhere new once a year and I am lucky enough to have been able to keep that oath since graduating, hopefully I can keep it going.


My first year out of college (and with my first tax return – all that cash was burning a hole in my pocket) I went to Edinburgh with my sister. It is a magical little Harry Potter town that made me feel regal.


{Nooks and crannies}



{Ordering multiple rounds of cider and fish and chips, multiple times a day, because we could}


{Cafe where Harry Potter was written}

Last year we went to Cabo (couples retreat – literally) and it was a blast. Cabo is a crazy place where bars hang you upside down and pour alcohol in your mouth (no we definitely didn’t visit said bar three times, absolutely not).


{Balcony view}


{Boat cruise}


And this year Nate and I are going to… ready…. drumroll please – THAILAND! We leave in a month and after moving and all the summer trips I haven’t even had time to think about it or plan really. Does anyone have any suggestions?


{We are going to Chiang Mai}


{Then overnight training to Bangkok}


{Then spending a week on the beaches near Phuket}

I cannot contain my excitement, more packing and planning posts to come – all suggestions and recommendations are welcome!

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