Love n’ Haight

Food trucks are storming the nation; they are perfect for a quick, funky and gourmet bite to eat. In SF our food truck revolution is called Off the Grid and the trucks set up shop in multiple locations around the city. One of the ‘truck stops’ (as they are called) is in Upper Haight – a little too close for comfort…



I love going and trying new things. I was amazed the first time I had the pork belly bun from Chairman Bao. These trucks come packing a punch with kimchi fried rice burritos, duck tacos, and creme brulee. It would be fun to try and recreate some of them – like the mac and cheese egg rolls, or the rice patty buns from Koja Kitchen.  I would attempt said dishes in my newly green-accent-walled kitchen! Freshly painted this past weekend, I’m in love with the green we picked and how it turned out. I definitely want to attempt these Kalua Pork Sliders from the Slider Shack  – mostly because the green Polynesian sauce (easy to recreate I’m sure) matches my kitchen, and because they were seriously amazing.



Check out a ‘truck stop’ near you for lunch or dinner – you won’t be sorry!

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