Went to dinner last night with Nate’s cousin who was passing through SF. She had a couple friends who said they wanted to try out Chow and we happily agreed. I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while, one reason being the food is supposed to be good the other being the fact that I love the name (I’m a sucker for all things kitschy).


It was a Sunday night after a too short weekend so we started with a chocolate milkshake. Creamy and cold it was the perfect palate cleanser.


For appetizers we got the baked goat cheese (my new favorite appetizer – like a fancy build your own grilled cheese) and the bruschetta. Both were really good. The warm cheese on the walnut toasts complimented each other perfectly and the bread for the bruschetta was soft but still had tons of flavor.




For dinner Nate got the seafood linguini (sorry for the bad pictures, the ambiance was a little on the dark side) with clams, “sustainable seafood” (not sure what that meant, I think there were tiny pieces of fish in it) and shrimp. The sauce was creamy and buttery with no hint of fishy seafood taste. I used my bread to mop up his sauce… sharing is caring right?


I got the “sustainable seafood” special, which was halibut on a bed of cous cous with a tomato topping. The fish was cooked perfectly and was really light. The cous cous and tomato topping brought all of the flavors together and created a perfectly textured bite.


The other diners all enjoyed their meals as well, I felt weird asking them if I could take pictures of their food – so I just have two to share. But you should try this place out, it’s hearty and feels like a good homemade meal – and I know you can’t resist the name!

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