The Weekender

I’ve been slacking – I know. There has been A LOT going on over here so let me catch you up. We moved into our new place last Sunday, then spent the 3 days before the holiday weekend unpacking and putting things away.


On Wednesday we left for High Sierra Music Festival in the mountains and had an amazing reunion weekend with friends from all over. It was HOT, like really hot. So we took trips to the river every day and spent a lot of time lying in the grass in the shade or spraying water everywhere. We danced to so much good music. One of my favorites was moe and the 8 piece brass band (again, band geek inside).


I have been to my fair share of festivals, Coachella, Treasure Island, Outside Lands – but let me tell you, High Sierra is my all time favorite. It’s so laid back and open and non-judgmental that all you are thinking about is having fun with  your friends and dancing to awesome music. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing (enter in flower headband, ridiculous amount of glow sticks or overalls with no shirt). On Monday we said our farewells and drove back to SF and welcomed the fog and cooler weather. It’s nice to always love coming back, I think we like this city.


And there is my quick week recap – how was your Fourth?!

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