Love is in the air…

Wedding season is upon us and Nate and I have two weddings and one engagement party to go to this summer. The first wedding was at the end of June, in the mountains and very casual. In the invite it specifically said no heels and I was excited to put together a relaxed outfit. I wanted a bright sundress (sleeveless because it was 90 degrees), comfy flats, delicate jewelry and my hair up (I get a bit sweaty…).

015{I wore this dress, from H&M, with navy flats and gold earrings}

photo{Nate and I}

The next wedding is at the end of August and is black tie (I’m wearing this green number). Black tie is easy to dress for, when dressing for weddings the season and the time of the ceremony help you out. For this engagement party, I am relying on the location for the dress code advice – country club and of course on the classy couple whose party it is (Congrats Shayna and Nat!). We are driving down to LA for the party and my thought process for what to wear went like this: summer in LA = neon (the obvious choice) and hot, country club = classy = j. crew –> DONE.

022{dress, shoes, clutch}

What type of events do you have to dress up for this summer? How do you beat the heat?

Rubbing Elbows


{Ashley, me, Cara and Weston}

Last Thursday was the Refinery29 30 Under 30 party and lucky me got invited to go along. My friend Cara asked if I wanted to go with her and I literally jumped at the chance (I sent her a confirmation gchat, email and text right when she asked me – you know, just in case). It was a blast, there were fancy cocktails, fill-your-own donuts and a photo booth (see ridiculous pictures below). I wore my Freda Salvador shoes (remember the ones I WON?!) and while we were standing in line for drinks Cristina (co-founder and designer for Freda) spotted me and remembered me from the raffle night. We all chatted and exchanged cards. I felt like I was rubbing elbows and chatting it up with some really talented people the whole night!


{Cara and I being our goofy selves and finger dancing for the cameras!}


Every girl loves a bit of sparkle, whether it’s an oldie that you wear everyday or something new you got for an event this weekend – sparkle correlates to happiness (deep, I know). Statement necklaces are the new thing and can literally change an outfit entirely. A bold bright shirt can be toned down or fancied up with a large statement necklace. Arm parties are also “in” right now, I’m just starting to attempt this trend, and can really make an impression. In recent weeks I’ve accumulated a couple (okay, maybe more than a couple) new items to keep up with the Jones’ and their sparkly trends.


I think I’m obsessed with J.Crew’s jewelry line right now. I love the neon colors and bold pieces. I love the dainty gold bracelets too, I have worn them all together (practicing my arm party) with a bright top.


1This neon bracelet goes perfectly with a pair of shorts I got for vacation (I’m LOVE neon) and this flower necklace adds a nice feminine touch (sometimes you just hit the jackpot at Forever21).

3Hope your weekend was full of sparkles (aka happiness) and that you are having a great MONDAY!


photo (4)

After coming back from studying abroad I  realized I wanted to go everywhere and see everything. I promised myself that I would travel somewhere new once a year and I am lucky enough to have been able to keep that oath since graduating, hopefully I can keep it going.


My first year out of college (and with my first tax return – all that cash was burning a hole in my pocket) I went to Edinburgh with my sister. It is a magical little Harry Potter town that made me feel regal.


{Nooks and crannies}



{Ordering multiple rounds of cider and fish and chips, multiple times a day, because we could}


{Cafe where Harry Potter was written}

Last year we went to Cabo (couples retreat – literally) and it was a blast. Cabo is a crazy place where bars hang you upside down and pour alcohol in your mouth (no we definitely didn’t visit said bar three times, absolutely not).


{Balcony view}


{Boat cruise}


And this year Nate and I are going to… ready…. drumroll please – THAILAND! We leave in a month and after moving and all the summer trips I haven’t even had time to think about it or plan really. Does anyone have any suggestions?


{We are going to Chiang Mai}


{Then overnight training to Bangkok}


{Then spending a week on the beaches near Phuket}

I cannot contain my excitement, more packing and planning posts to come – all suggestions and recommendations are welcome!

Love n’ Haight

Food trucks are storming the nation; they are perfect for a quick, funky and gourmet bite to eat. In SF our food truck revolution is called Off the Grid and the trucks set up shop in multiple locations around the city. One of the ‘truck stops’ (as they are called) is in Upper Haight – a little too close for comfort…



I love going and trying new things. I was amazed the first time I had the pork belly bun from Chairman Bao. These trucks come packing a punch with kimchi fried rice burritos, duck tacos, and creme brulee. It would be fun to try and recreate some of them – like the mac and cheese egg rolls, or the rice patty buns from Koja Kitchen.  I would attempt said dishes in my newly green-accent-walled kitchen! Freshly painted this past weekend, I’m in love with the green we picked and how it turned out. I definitely want to attempt these Kalua Pork Sliders from the Slider Shack  – mostly because the green Polynesian sauce (easy to recreate I’m sure) matches my kitchen, and because they were seriously amazing.



Check out a ‘truck stop’ near you for lunch or dinner – you won’t be sorry!


Went to dinner last night with Nate’s cousin who was passing through SF. She had a couple friends who said they wanted to try out Chow and we happily agreed. I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while, one reason being the food is supposed to be good the other being the fact that I love the name (I’m a sucker for all things kitschy).


It was a Sunday night after a too short weekend so we started with a chocolate milkshake. Creamy and cold it was the perfect palate cleanser.


For appetizers we got the baked goat cheese (my new favorite appetizer – like a fancy build your own grilled cheese) and the bruschetta. Both were really good. The warm cheese on the walnut toasts complimented each other perfectly and the bread for the bruschetta was soft but still had tons of flavor.




For dinner Nate got the seafood linguini (sorry for the bad pictures, the ambiance was a little on the dark side) with clams, “sustainable seafood” (not sure what that meant, I think there were tiny pieces of fish in it) and shrimp. The sauce was creamy and buttery with no hint of fishy seafood taste. I used my bread to mop up his sauce… sharing is caring right?


I got the “sustainable seafood” special, which was halibut on a bed of cous cous with a tomato topping. The fish was cooked perfectly and was really light. The cous cous and tomato topping brought all of the flavors together and created a perfectly textured bite.


The other diners all enjoyed their meals as well, I felt weird asking them if I could take pictures of their food – so I just have two to share. But you should try this place out, it’s hearty and feels like a good homemade meal – and I know you can’t resist the name!

Friday’s Favs

I feel like summer is going by too fast. It always used to feel like that when I was in school but now that I have to work everyday and I don’t get a summer vacation I thought that feeling would go away. Time don’t slow down for NOBODY – even when it isn’t summer it flies by, yesterday was January 1st right?


{beautiful scenery on our drive to High Sierra Music Festival}


{romantic lights at the a wedding reception in a mountain top backyard}


{sneak peek of our new dresser}


{seafood is a summer food right – how about when it’s deep fried?}

{summertime open air street car downtown, so cute with the lights on top}

Have a great weekend friends – enjoy summer while it’s still here!

The Weekender

I’ve been slacking – I know. There has been A LOT going on over here so let me catch you up. We moved into our new place last Sunday, then spent the 3 days before the holiday weekend unpacking and putting things away.


On Wednesday we left for High Sierra Music Festival in the mountains and had an amazing reunion weekend with friends from all over. It was HOT, like really hot. So we took trips to the river every day and spent a lot of time lying in the grass in the shade or spraying water everywhere. We danced to so much good music. One of my favorites was moe and the 8 piece brass band (again, band geek inside).


I have been to my fair share of festivals, Coachella, Treasure Island, Outside Lands – but let me tell you, High Sierra is my all time favorite. It’s so laid back and open and non-judgmental that all you are thinking about is having fun with  your friends and dancing to awesome music. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing (enter in flower headband, ridiculous amount of glow sticks or overalls with no shirt). On Monday we said our farewells and drove back to SF and welcomed the fog and cooler weather. It’s nice to always love coming back, I think we like this city.


And there is my quick week recap – how was your Fourth?!



Moving is rough, on every aspect: the body (gonna be sore for weeks),  the wallet (gonna be broke for weeks), the stress levels (coritsol is going to be running high for weeks) –  but its also really exciting. The actual moving process only took 2 hours (we had 8 people helping) and now comes the fun part – unpacking. It’s been fun combining our two sets of things together and figuring out where everything goes. The next chapter starts now!