Love n’ Haight

Having a car in SF is a love-haight relationship in and of itself (see what I did there). On the one hand, it’s nice being able to leave the city or drive to the store and get a ton of groceries (or Target bags). But on the other hand, it can be a huge responsibility, and an expensive one at that. It could get towed, or you could get a parking ticket or it could get stolen (not likely but it happened to by boo). Even after seeing all of these things happen to people I still find myself wanting one.


If I did have my own car, I wouldn’t draw unneeded attention to it, or bedazzle it, like this one (resale value is not looking good). But I would wear these bedazzled boots, for the sole purpose of drawing attention to them. I want them, and a car – where is Santa when I need him?

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