Dine about town is back (remember this beauty) and this time we ventured over to Dosa, a southern Indian restaurant on Fillmore. There were three courses on the DaT menu each with three options to choose from. So we got down to business and decided to share everything to maximize our tasting potential.


To start, they gave us these lentil chips (their equivalent to bread) and they had so much flavor! The most flavorful plain chip I have ever had, rich and salty and cumin-y, yes cumin-y.


For the appetizer course we chose the grilled calamari that came with a great cilantro, chile, lime sauce, and the Chennai chicken – think gourmet fried chicken, with a yogurt sauce.


I wanted to put the yogurt sauce on everything, I could literally drink the stuff. The squid was perfectly cooked, not chewy, but you guys know me, the fried chicken was my favorite.


For the second course we both chose a dosa. I didn’t know what a dosa was so if you don’t know – a dosa is a large pancake-like Indian dish made from a rice and lentil batter. I called it a galette (it’s the frenchness in me), and it’s filled with all sorts of things.


We chose one with paneer cheese and peas and another with potatoes and peppers.


Both were delicious but the real stars were the dipping sauces. The green one was coconut (my fav) the red one was tomato (my boo’s fav) and the big one was like a curried soup, spicy and thick.


By this time we were full, but still had one course to go, so we powered through and got the prawn masala curry and the vegetable curry.


The prawn curry was sweet and really thick and delicious, with a good number of plump shrimp. The veggie curry was very traditional tasting that went perfectly with the rice and yogurt sauce for me – this one was a little hot!


We were so full when we were done, we were ready to burst but so happy.


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