Strawberry Lemon Bars


Summer isn’t necessarily warm here in SF, its know to be foggy and cold until our actual summer comes in October. So while the rest of the country (and state) is feeling warm and summer-like I decided to make my own taste of summer with these Strawberry Lemon Bars. I’m a huge fan of strawberry lemonade and that combo in general (see here) so I thought this would be a great start to summer treat.




These are definitely sweet and sour. I juiced about 4 lemons and used the zest of three. That pop of sunshiney taste is what I was looking for!



The recipe is very simple, and this is such an easy summer snack with just a couple of ingredients.



It kind of looks like a strawberry deep dish pizza.


I love this combination of flavors because at first its sweet, then its a shock of sour and it really excites the taste buds! It’s also a great dessert for summer BBQs and picnics.


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