Love n’ Haight

June in San Francisco means the start of street festival season. This is one of my favorite times in the city, each neighborhood hosts a street festival highlighting their personalities (yes the neighborhoods have personalities, am I going crazy, probably). Union street festival kicked off the season the first weekend of June, next weekend is the North Beach festival and this past weekend was our very own Haight Street festival. Needless to say, the Haight Street festival’s personality is a little weirder than the rest. All the festivals include live music, crazy costumes, lots of vendors selling trinkets you don’t need but want to buy anyway, and always really delicious street food.


After eating the really delicious street food (we got chicken teriyaki on a stick, with pad thai noodles and a giant lemonade) and in honor of eating healthy in the summer –  I feel the need to make and eat this beautiful salad – and I want to share it with this guy from the fair (crazy costumes indeed), we would just match so well. Happy Hump Day friends!

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