Annual Ball

I’m going to a real ball  – it’s going to be just like the movies where they walk into their hotel rooms and there is a box waiting for them on the bed that holds the most stunning evening gown. Well, its going to be kind of like that. I have to pick out my own gown but I do get to go to a posh event! The Spinsters of San Francisco host two black tie events each year, Holiday Ball (in December, not that I needed to tell you that) and Annual Ball (in June, to the year in swanky fashion). These are two options I am deciding between:


I love the idea of this dress that is so many dresses in one, it would work perfectly for this event and another black tie event (a wedding in LA) that I’m going to in August.  Simple strappy shoes and a statement necklace would play up the beautiful emerald color of the dress.


I’m a girly girl and when it comes to sparkles I can never get enough. That’s why I love this sequin number, it is a statement in itself so I would pair it with toned down shoes and jeweler y.

Which do you like better? Which would you wear to a swanky event?

3 thoughts on “Annual Ball

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