Bacon Jam

There are just too many good places to eat in this city. I literally want to try every single one too, which isn’t good for the wallet – or the waistband of the pants the wallet sits in. But I am a firm believer of all things in proportion – except when they come in the form of a burger or a fried chicken sandwich. Enter Corner Store – a new place on Masonic and Geary.


The lunch menu looked the best so on Friday (work – who works?) my boo and I grabbed some lunch. Of course we got two things and shared and of course those two things were the fried chicken sandwich and the burger.


The sandwich was great, the chicken crust was crispy but the meat was still juicy and the slaw added a nice tang. It’s just hard not comparing it to this sandwich that we love so dearly. But it was totally different and delicious – as was the warm potato salad that came with it.


The burger was the real gem here though. Two words – bacon jam.


The burger had all the right toppings to accompany the bacon jam, cheese, pickled onions, garlic aioli, pickles and it was perfectly cooked and plated on an amazing bun. Everything just worked together, one bite was a perfect blend of all the flavors you want in a burger bite. Juicy, savory, sour from the pickled onions and pickle, sweet and crunchy from the bread = perfection. This place was great, go here and get the burger. (Ok, one more picture)


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