Hearst Castle


Sometimes you just need a weekend away from the city and the fog and last weekend my roommate gave us a reason to take one. Her family was hosting a fundraiser in SLO so my boo and I drove down for a weekend getaway. We were in need of some sunshine and warm weather (nowhere to be found in SF) and SLO did not disappoint. On the drive back up we stopped at Hearst Castle, we have been wanting to go for a while and who knows when we will get the chance next.



Let me just say it was so beautiful! We did the grand rooms tour, which went through all the main rooms in the big house (casa grande as Hearst called it).


When we walked inside, it was like a step back in time.  Julia Morgan was the architect and interior designer for this project and the interior screams of her style. Every nook and cranny of every room was flawless, either hand carved, sculpted or painted.




Hearst was an interesting man, his castle is extravagant (to say the least) – painted ceilings, art from the renaissance, 115 rooms – but apparently he wasn’t lavish at all. He ate in the dining room with paper napkins, with ketchup and mustard bottles sitting on the table. He also didn’t like snobs or celebrities, so he never invited them to the castle.



The grounds were really spectacular. The view alone is worth a million bucks.







But the ‘pièce de résistance’ (i know the french man voice just said that in  your head) was the pool. Look at it, its just too good to be true – we contemplated jumping in. The penalty for jumping in is a huge fine and ‘a lot of hassle’ – said the guard. So we refrained.





It was a perfect day for a tour up on the hill.



If you live near this place and have never been I HIGHLY recommend it! It was gorgeous! I also recommend taking multiple tours, we only did the grand rooms tour, but we felt like there was so much more to see. We would have loved to take the cottages tour too. You can take as many tours in a day as you like, and you can also stay for the whole day if you want, people were lounging by the pool and just hanging out. Hearst would have loved to see his guests relaxing and enjoying themselves (no snobs allowed though).

4 thoughts on “Hearst Castle

  1. SAMMIE T!

    1.) Its still new, I’m afraid to share it, haha gotta get over that hump tho
    2.) Oh man I wish we could antique together and shop and take pictures!
    3.) I would love to come back to VA, all your pics make me sad I’m not there
    4.) COME VISIT SF!!!


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